Bench Rest


In Bench Rest shooting, participants fire their rounds while seated at a steady bench with the rifle supported by a front and rear rest.

This allows for highly precise bullet placement.


The goals of the Bench Rest shooters at MSA are the same as the National Bench Rest Shooters Association:

  • The development and encouragement of extreme accuracy in rifles, ammuntion, equipment and shooting methods;
  • The achievement of extreme precision in rifles, ammunition, equipment, and shooting methods by shooting "groups";
  • To standardize on a national basis the entire Bench Rest Shooting program so that targets, ranges, scoring methods, records and match procedure will be uniform and comparable;
  • To assist and encourage any individual or organization in the promotion of Bench Rest Shooting; and,
  • To gather and make available to its members pertinent statistics and technical data.

MSA Match Director: Mike Conry (432) 683-1332


Midland Shooters Association ~ PO Box 8767 ~ Midland, TX 79708-8767

Rifle/Pistol Range (432) 682-2332 ~ Shotgun Range (432) 617-3142

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