Big Bore Silhouette

This is a Big Bore Pistol Shoot with only straight walled pistol cartridges being legal. All shots will be fired from the standing offhand position, with a 5 minute time limit for each group of 10 targets:

  • 10 shots at full size chickens (40 yards),
  • 10 shots at full size pigs (50 meters),
  • 10 shots at full size turkeys (75 yards) and
  • 10 shots at full size rams (100 meters).

All junior shooters shoot for free in this event. Hat pins are awarded to the winners in their respective classes.


There is also an optional 200 Meter Steel Challenge Shoot. Any caliber is legal as long as it is fired from a pistol with iron sights or a pistol scope.



Midland Shooters Association ~ PO Box 8767 ~ Midland, TX 79708-8767

Rifle/Pistol Range (432) 682-2332 ~ Shotgun Range (432) 617-3142

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